3 Reasons to Consider a Garage Door Seal

garage door seal lip

Keeping the contents of a garage safe from the elements is done by applying garage door seals that prevent dust, rain, and debris from getting in. Garage door seals line the outside perimeter of the door. They close the gap between the framing and the door. A garage door seal is crucial to preventing a host of problems from occurring in a garage.

  1. The main duty of a garage door seal is to keep rain from entering the garage. If there are holes in weather stripping or areas that have none, the garage, and its contents are in danger of being damaged.
  2. Keeping squirrels, rats, snakes, mice, and other invaders out of the garage is another reason to consider a garage door seal. It forms a light seal between the outside world and the garage door. A broken or missing garage door seal allows unwanted creatures to find their way inside the garage and try to make it their home.

The best method of dealing with mice and rats is to prevent them from entering the garage in the first place. There are multiple avenues for rodents to enter a garage. The main method of entry is the garage door. The garage door offers the simplest and easiest way for rodents to enter. Rats can chew through the weather stripping around a garage door. A garage door seal replacement eliminates gaps caused by these uninvited guests.

  1. For those who spend a lot of time in the garage, the desire to feel comfortable during cold winter days and the hot days of summer is high on the priority list. A broken garage door seal allows cold air and heat to escape. The climate inside the garage changes drastically.

A garage door seal creates a seal between the garage door opening and the garage door. If air seeping into the garage can be felt, remove existing weather stripping and scrape off any sealant that remains. The smoother and cleaner the surface, the easier it will be to install the garage door seal.

The seal is aligned when the garage door is shut. The rubber flap is flattened against the door. Easy operation and a good seal are provided when the garage door seal is installed properly. Garage door seals protect the garage from winter weather.

In combination with unit heaters, they help in keeping the garage toasty warm. There are several other winterizing options for a garage. If totally winterizing the garage does not fit the budget, a garage door seal is a good place to start.