4 Places That Benefit from More Durable Flooring

Besides an attractive appearance, the thick, hardened epoxy application creates a durable coating that is resilient to surface abrasion, stains, chemicals, chipping, and impacts. There is no worry about damage to the floor if a bicycle overturns or a wrench is dropped. Minor imperfections like flaws in the concrete or spider cracks are covered by the thick epoxy coating.

Because it is a topical sealer, epoxy is anti-dusting. Most dust in areas with concrete is caused by the powder cement floors shed. Normal bare concrete traffic kicks up a dusty powder that tends to collect on storage items, tool benches, and cars. It is tracked into houses.

Epoxy Garage Floors

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Residential flooring can benefit from epoxy.

An epoxy coating is among the most durable and toughest products used on garage floors. Besides protecting the garage floors, epoxy transforms boring and ugly concrete into a professional finish, designed with function and beauty. More and more garages are becoming more than a place to park a car. The benefits of epoxy have made it a top choice in garage flooring.

Epoxy Floors in Basements

A basement floor coated with epoxy resin stands against any other surface. Water and flooding do not destroy an epoxy floor. Clean up is easy. Smelly carpets do not have to be dried out, or broken tiles replaced. The epoxy basement floor is usable and beautiful. It also serves as protection against bacteria and mold. There are so many options from which to choose. Satin or high gloss finishes are available. The flooring can be a solid color or a designer metallic.

Epoxy for Retail Stores

Epoxy floors in a retail store give the business a wow factor. Color combinations, unlike any other product, can be created. Clear topcoats brighten the space with their shine. The beautiful floors are easy to clean, which lowers maintenance costs. The seamless floor won’t trap bacteria, mold, or debris. Cleaning grout or carpets is no longer necessary. Epoxy floors do not have to be buffed. They need only to be mopped.

Epoxy Floors in Commercial Warehouses

Epoxy can benefit warehouses

Epoxy can benefit warehouses

Loading docks and warehouses are tough flooring environments. Bare concrete has joints and cracks that can cause concrete low spots, potholes, and breakage when combined with heavy traffic. Those flaws wreak havoc on suspensions and wheels of material handling equipment. Epoxy flooring is available in various colors. Different colors can be used to indicate the walkways and areas safe for employees and visitors to the warehouse.