Great Father’s Day Gifts for an Epic Man Cave Makeover

Would you like to give the Dad in your home a Father’s Day gift that he can enjoy year-round? It is guaranteed that he would appreciate it far more than the traditional tie or ‘over-the-shoulder’ cologne. Design a man cave for him. He will be

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3 Reasons to Consider a Garage Door Seal

garage door seal lip

Keeping the contents of a garage safe from the elements is done by applying garage door seals that prevent dust, rain, and debris from getting in. Garage door seals line the outside perimeter of the door. They close the gap between the framing and the

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4 Places That Benefit from More Durable Flooring

Besides an attractive appearance, the thick, hardened epoxy application creates a durable coating that is resilient to surface abrasion, stains, chemicals, chipping, and impacts. There is no worry about damage to the floor if a bicycle overturns or a wrench is dropped. Minor imperfections like

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Why It Was Worth Investing in Home Upgrades


Though dreaming of steam showers and granite counter-tops seems like a good idea, a drainage system that keeps the basement dry, new gutters, a new furnace, some landscaping, and lots of painting puts more value in a home. Whether you plan to sell or stay

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