Epoxy services in San Antonio Texas. Commercial & Residential.

Why Choose Epoxy Flooring?

Commercial Epoxy Flooring - Red Floor

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

To improve the appearance and lifespan of concrete floors in a residential or commercial space, turn to epoxy floors and epoxy floor coatings. On top of the aesthetic advantages, this durable flooring surface is resistant to industrial wear and tear, oil stains and water damage. Epoxy flooring is also remarkably simple to clean and maintain, making it the ideal solution for high-traffic, industrial and commercial areas.

Because it is tough and easy to maintain, epoxy flooring is the preferred option for machine shops, airport hangars, and other commercial settings. It’s possible to customize the flooring with an array of colors, effects and textures that best suits the client. For example, an anti-slip surface can be created by mixing quartz sand into the coating before application.

For Residential Surfaces

Any surface in your home that suffers from exposure to extreme conditions will benefit from a strong, yet appealing epoxy application. We provide tough surfaces specifically designed to meet the needs of garages, kitchens or patios.

To add to the look of your home, we offer a selection of colors and custom flakes to create a personalized flooring solution. If you have any questions about our residential services or rates, please call to speak with one of our representatives.

For Commercial Use

Gray Epoxy Garage Floor

Gray Epoxy Garage Floor

We specialize in epoxy applications for commercial use. Whether it’s a warehouse, airplane hangar or any type of large area regularly subjected to harsh conditions, our services will strongly improve the surface.

Our rates are determined by the type of surface and pre-planning required for the service. We have special pricing for large projects that exceed 25,000 sq. ft., and additional discounts for projects that exceed 50,000 sq. ft. For more information about our commercial services and rates, please call to speak with one of our representatives.


What You Need To Know About Epoxy

Epoxy is a mixture of two basic components: hardeners and resins. When the two materials are mixed, they become bonded and form a highly durable plastic surface. It is then firmly bonded to the substrate, or surface below, resulting in an extremely resistant flooring option. A number of epoxy flooring solutions are available depending on the surface. Some of these include:

  • Self-leveling – Perfect for residential surfaces such as kitchens, simple to clean.
  • Self-dispersing – Anti-slip flooring created by the addition of quartz sand.
  • Anti-static – For commercial areas where static must be eliminated, as with sensitive equipment or machinery.
  • Flaked – Decorative flooring that features colored chips or flakes. Epoxy-based to provide anti-slip properties.
  • Terrazzo – Ideal for providing decorative flooring across large areas

Customizable color chips and flakes

Resins, fillers, pigments and other additives comprise the chips and flakes. Because they are typically irregular in shape and are available in an array of colors, flakes and color chips are highly customizable.

Metallic coatings

Gray Epoxy Garage Floor

Metallic Epoxy Office Floor Blue

For a unique, elegant, and decorative look, consider a metallic epoxy coating. It is a 100% solids two-component epoxy with the addition of a metallic pigment. After applying the primer coat of a metallic base coat, we then apply the coating with a roller or squeegee. Finally, we add an optional 100% solids epoxy or UV resistant urethane.  Metallic epoxy floors are noticeably smooth with a glassy finish, creating a unique flooring solution because the mixture will be particular to that floor.



What is the process to apply epoxy?

Concrete Grinder Floor

Concrete Grinder Floor

Though not overly complicated, the application process of an epoxy floor coating requires a few careful steps. The preparation phase is the most important because if corners are cut or mistakes happen, the application becomes problematic down the line.

In order for the epoxy to bond tightly with the substrate, it must be clean, free of cracks, level and slightly rough in texture. When applying epoxy to concrete, note that the concrete must have been in place for more than 60 days and not yet sealed. If there is water beading on the concrete, the surface could be sealed and in need of removal.

All dirt and grease must be completely removed from the floor. If there is any residue from dirt or oil on the substrate surface, the epoxy will not bond properly. This causes unattractive bubbling throughout the epoxy flooring.

It’s important that the cleaning phase is not rushed. Though there are cleaning products that serve this purpose, they do not work well and are extremely harsh. Another option is renting a cleaning machine, but the job must be done thoroughly. Because of how important cleaning is to applying epoxy, we strongly suggest that an experienced professional carry out the epoxy application process. It is imperative that it is done properly without errors or oversights.

It typically takes two hours to complete the application and the principles of painting are followed. The installer starts from the back corner and works toward the exit. The flooring must not be stepped on for at least one day, however two or three days may be required for properly curing the epoxy.

Avoid Safety Hazards

Epoxy Safety Precaution

Epoxy Safety Precaution

Thin protective gloves will work during the application of the epoxy, but thicker, solvent-proof gloves are required when handling acetone or any industrial cleaning agent.

Of the two components used in epoxy flooring, the hardener is the most toxic part. All safety precautions should be taken when you are applying epoxy, no matter the surface. Epoxy does wonders for flooring, but it can be dangerous if safety is not a priority.


Our Approach to Epoxy Flooring

If epoxy is applied by someone with little experience, the likely outcome is a floor surface that is peeling and bubbling. Trust a professional company to provide a high quality installation that will stand strong for years to come.

We first clean the floor surface with industrial-grade products, commercial cleaning machines and tools. By using large surface grinders, we are able to eliminate any residue left by grease, grime and dirt. For a deeper clean, we use hand scrapers to pristinely clean any areas that are hard for the machines to reach.

Other flooring companies only clean the surface one time, but we repeat our cleaning process until the surface is completely clean. When cleaning machine shop floors and other areas prone to build-up, we’ll perform the degreasing, drying and cleaning process as many times as necessary.

We understand the safety risks that epoxy components and cleaning products pose if improperly handled. We are committed to the highest standards of safety because we care about our employees and clients.

When in doubt, hire a professional to do it right


If you are ready to apply epoxy flooring in your kitchen or garage, or if you are ready to move forward with an epoxy floor in a commercial setting, you’ll find kits available online or at hardware stores. The main thing many fail to consider is the physical labor required to do the job. Doing it yourself will likely be a much greater undertaking than you pictured.

You’ll spend hours cleaning and doing backbreaking prep work, but there’s no guarantee that the flooring surface won’t bubble and peel, or that the epoxy mixture will fully adhere to the surface. The quality may suffer if you apply an epoxy kit yourself.

In the end, you are going to have to hire experienced professionals to redo the epoxy installation so hire them right from the start. We have the experience of installing thousands of epoxy floor coatings in both residential and commercial settings. We are committed to high safety standards to ensure the protection of our staff and clients.

If you are interested in learning more about our residential or commercial services and rates or have questions about epoxy flooring, please contact us via email. You can also call to speak with one of our representatives in more detail about your epoxy floor options.