Great Father’s Day Gifts for an Epic Man Cave Makeover

Would you like to give the Dad in your home a Father’s Day gift that he can enjoy year-round? It is guaranteed that he would appreciate it far more than the traditional tie or ‘over-the-shoulder’ cologne. Design a man cave for him.

He will be inviting guests. While we should not stereotype, a bunch of guys can be messy and hard on the environment. For that reason, start at the bottom and build up. Most man caves are in the basement of a home.

Epoxy Flooring

An epoxy covered floor will withstand the wear-and-tear a group of fellas can dish out. It is also easy to clean. He may be so grateful he’ll take care of the floors for you. When you want the best-looking floor for the place your guy has card parties, watches football, or uses it to hide when your relative visit, an epoxy floor is a great start to your project.

Conventional flooring such as wood or carpet is susceptible to moisture, abrasions, and scuffing. Low maintenance epoxy is moisture resistant and durable You don’t have to worry about rowdy man cave guests staining the floor, spilling drinks, or furniture or shoe scuffs.

Resin-based epoxy provides a worry-free floor solution. Once the floor is installed, the fun of decorating begins. Hopefully, these suggestions are not too stereotypical These are excellent cave ideas meant to give the space a manly ambiance.


Most men love cars. Nail wood together to form a box that is as wide as a license plate. Attach an old license plate to the box in such a way as to create a pocket. The box can then be mounted on the wall as a toilet paper storage.

A soap dispenser can be made with an old whiskey bottle. Pumps are commercially available or save one from a soap or lotion dispenser when the product is gone.


A man cave can be a game room, an area to watch sports, a workshop, a bar, or a combination of any of these. A combination may consist of a pool hall, bar, and a sports memorabilia shrine. Depending on the interests of the intended occupant(s), furnishings, devices, and shelving will be necessary.

Some furniture can be constructed from raw materials or purchased. The internet is filled with innovative ideas for furnishing a man cave. If the guy is heavy into electronics or a real sports fanatic, the hookups for devices and a TV (preferably a big screen) are needed. Whatever is tastefully placed in the man cave is going to be a welcome surprise on Father’s Day.