Why Epoxy Coatings are Perfect for Warehouses

Warehouse Floor could benefit from Epoxy Coatings

Why Epoxy Coatings are Ideal for Warehouses

The abuse that is prone to occur in industrial buildings and plants requires flooring to be outstandingly durable. Most flooring is not tough enough to take the amount of chemical exposure and wear it meets in these settings. Two options are available, make frequent floor replacements or use an epoxy floor coating on concrete. The most cost-effective option is the later.

It is not unusual to have concrete floors in an industrial setting. Unfortunately, concrete is not stain resistant and can be dangerous when grease, oil, or other kinds of liquids are spilled on the floor. The heavy traffic that occurs daily on production floors and large warehouses requires the flooring to have a durable coating. For a variety of reasons, these commercial settings are ideal for epoxy floor coatings. Using epoxy floor coating for warehouse floors should be considered for the following reasons.

  1. Epoxy coatings are stain resistant

    Any production or warehouse area that handles liquid products or uses mechanical equipment is an excellent place to apply an epoxy floor coating. Conveyor belts and forklifts can leak fluids. Spills from warehouses that house liquid products are bound to occur. Epoxy coatings protect floors from chemical and stain damage and make cleanup easy.

  2. The cost of epoxy is economical

    Thousands of square feet are covered when new flooring is added to large commercial spaces. Epoxy coating is a cost-effective, durable application for the expected heavy use in an industrial setting. Epoxy coating is also easy to keep clean and maintain. That feature makes it a smart investment for warehouses, production lines, and manufacturers.

  3. The epoxy coating provides added safety

    Safety coloring can be easily added to new flooring. The ‘safety yellow,’ common in commercial buildings is available along with a variety of other epoxy coating colors. Color-coding uses within work areas include designating forklift areas and creating safe areas for employees to walk.

Superior durability makes epoxy flooring popular with beverage and food plant, warehouse, residential garage, laboratory, and chemical plant owners. Besides the practicality of epoxy coating applications for warehouses and production buildings, epoxy floor coatings have an aesthetic appeal. Choices include metallic and high gloss coatings that are quite attractive, especially in loading areas and offices where clients are found. The cost-efficiency and versatility make epoxy floor coatings a reasonable choice for nearly all large commercial warehouses.