Why It Was Worth Investing in Home Upgrades


Though dreaming of steam showers and granite counter-tops seems like a good idea, a drainage system that keeps the basement dry, new gutters, a new furnace, some landscaping, and lots of painting puts more value in a home. Whether you plan to sell or stay in the home, its resale value is important. New buyers would not look past a roof that leaks.

A survey by Remodeling Magazine suggests that a major bathroom or kitchen remodel is less likely to recoup an investment as replacing siding or other basic home maintenance items. Replacing windows and roofs are also high on the list. Buyers take for granted that the basic systems of a home are in working order. It is assumed that the roof does not leak and plumbing and air conditioning work.

That said, steam showers and granite counter-tops are not without merit. Bathroom and kitchen remodels are high on the list after basic maintenance items. New buyers are looking for big rooms. Having them in an existing home is great also.

Current trends in the kitchen are stone and natural wood floors, commercial-look appliances, and all-wood cabinets. Whirlpool tubs have been replaced by walk-in showers as a desired feature in the bathroom. Some people forgo a tub to have a more accommodating shower. If a home has only one bathroom, adding a second bathroom increases a home’s value more than adding another bedroom.

Putting an epoxy floor in the garage is an investment that causes no regrets. The floor that is two years old shows no sign of peeling, fading, or cracking. A mop and squeegee are all that are needed to remove oil or water from the floor. Coating all the floors in the house if it were feasible would mean never struggling with stains again. Any gear-head whose garage is more like a second home needs to put thought into an epoxy flooring in the garage. Not only is value added to the home, but it is also a great place to park the car.

Before sinking money into home, improvements consider these things. The value of a home plays a part in getting back money on investment. The quality of a project, how soon a house would sell after completing a project, the housing market in an area, and the value of other homes in the neighborhood are factors. It is hard to put a value on the use and enjoyment a family gets from a home improvement.